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Formed in 2018 with a shared vision of reviving the soul of rock and roll, Son of a Gun is a powerhouse trio hailing from the musical landscapes of upstate New York. Led by Ben's charismatic vocals and electrifying guitar work, Tyler's grooving bass lines, and Rob's thunderous drumming, the band embarked on a mission to create music that pulses with the raw energy of  rock n  roll.

Son of a Gun's musical journey is marked by a series of sonic revelations. Their self-titled debut album, "Son of a Gun," laid the foundation for their distinct sound. The EP "Turn to Dust" showcased their versatility and willingness to explore diverse musical realms.  The highly anticipated second full-length album "Timeline" elevated their sonic exploration up a couple more notches. 

As Son of a Gun works to put the finishing touches on their third full-length album, they look forward to rocking out with audiences through a sonic journey that transcends boundaries. The band's future holds promises of more live performances, collaborations, and a continued commitment to pushing the limits of their genre spanning influences.

Follow Son of a Gun on social media for exclusive updates on the recording process, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and announcements for upcoming performances.



Son Of A Gun, leaves us trailing behind, right on their coattails. They throw you into a groove immediately, fronting as that under-assuming opener you never saw coming.

- Chuck DeFilippo - NYS Music

Dire Straits meets Nirvana meets the Allman Brothers. Its a cool fucking sound!

-Andrew Grella - THANKS!


"...hearing the quick musical transitions in between songs that were nice and quick, the band’s musicality and their compositions were tight and developed. They were songs that you could certainly rock out to. What was interesting was that their sound didn’t specifically fit into any musical genre. Sometimes it would sound more like Pearl Jam (heard through the vocals of “Winds of Change”), or you could hear the country-rock vibe of “Hope & Heartache”. Listening to both “Down the Highway” and “Call of Days Past”, you can tell that it centered around blues-rock, even including little hints of “Call Me the Breeze” in the guitar & bass riffs and hearing the vocals one could listen from Sly Fox and The Hustlers."

-Amy Modesti - radioradiox

"Son of a Gun are freaking awesome!!! We had the absolute pleasure of spinning their track 'Winds of Change' on the Regular Radio December 2019 podcast. What and Absolute blast..."

- Regular Radio

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