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Formed in 2018, Son of a Gun has been kicking audiences directly in the shin for  over 4 years now and are just getting warmed up. Ben (Guitar/Vocals), Rob (Drums), and Tyler (Bass) came together with one goal: to rock the fuck out.

Coming in fresh off recording their new album, TIMELINE, at Applehead Studio over the second half of 2022, The band is firing on all cylinders. With the addition of John Noonan (guitars/keyboard) they are primed and ready to leave stages thoroughly toasted as they continue their journey.

NYE 12-31-22.jpg


Son Of A Gun, leaves us trailing behind, right on their coattails. They throw you into a groove immediately, fronting as that under-assuming opener you never saw coming.

- Chuck DeFilippo - NYS Music


"...hearing the quick musical transitions in between songs that were nice and quick, the band’s musicality and their compositions were tight and developed. They were songs that you could certainly rock out to. What was interesting was that their sound didn’t specifically fit into any musical genre. Sometimes it would sound more like Pearl Jam (heard through the vocals of “Winds of Change”), or you could hear the country-rock vibe of “Hope & Heartache”. Listening to both “Down the Highway” and “Call of Days Past”, you can tell that it centered around blues-rock, even including little hints of “Call Me the Breeze” in the guitar & bass riffs and hearing the vocals one could listen from Sly Fox and The Hustlers."

-Amy Modesti - radioradiox

"Son of a Gun are freaking awesome!!! We had the absolute pleasure of spinning their track 'Winds of Change' on the Regular Radio December 2019 podcast. What and Absolute blast..."

- Regular Radio

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